50 Philanthropists Gave
$14.1 BILLION In Contributions Last Year. 

What If YOUR Mission Could Land Just One
6 or 7-Figure Donation?

Imagine if your charity enterprise, NGO or nonprofit organization could leverage what you’re already doing for BIGGER and DEEPER impact with high-net worth donors who are perfectly aligned to your purpose.
Get the exact steps to attract ideal high net-worth donors now


As a charity enterprise, nonprofit or NGO, your organization is already skilled at fundraising.
But asking for thousands (or millions) of dollars from one person can make even top-tier fundraisers break out in a sweat.

Leaving mission-driven organizations to play small and stay safe.

Your team might be spending double the time and triple the effort chasing endless modest donations…

Instead of having ONE high net-worth donor help you reach your goals with just one check.

While the people, animals and environment have to wait even longer for real results.
BUT...  there are THOUSANDS of wealthy donors actively searching for the ideal philanthropic opportunity RIGHT NOW.

Passionate, affluent philanthropists who believe in your work
and are perfectly aligned with your purpose.

When my clients connect with their true purpose, unlock their potential and learn how to have an authentic conversation, they consistently attract and land passionate high net-worth donors.

These organizations are doing HUGE, life-changing work. But, so are you.

You’re already creating massive change, so there’s nothing stopping you from taking your fundraising & development to new heights.

Imagine how much MORE you’d achieve if you could attract, connect and land powerful donors who live and breathe your purpose.

How much FASTER could you progress…

How many more lives could you CHANGE....

If you Magnified Your Impact?
The First Step To Attracting IDEAL High Net-Worth Donors Is All About  
Attracting IDEAL high net-worth donors isn’t rocket science. It’s certainly not child’s play, but it’s entirely possible, and I can prove it.

I’ve worked with multiple global leaders, businesses and mission-driven organizations worldwide. I’ve also founded my own charity, Giving Africa.
I know what it’s like to hear ‘NO’ over and over and over.

I also know how to overcome rejection, push forward and connect with donors who are focused on making BIG contributions that change the world.

And I want to help you do the same.
For the very first time, I’m offering you instant access to my 
5-step framework to attract philanthropists who are perfectly aligned with your purpose.
A 15-point worksheet to leverage what you’re already doing to create ideal, energized teams with AMPLIFIED IMPACT.
a Personal Mastery EBook, full of articles to fuel every team member’s purpose and help them become their best for MISSION SUCCESS.
I want you to know it's completely possible for your charity enterprise, NGO or nonprofit organization to land BIGGER, IMPASSIONED donors.
And so much more... for only $27!
Craig created a new community of donors and mobilised their efforts to deliver long term support for a vital cause. While doing this, Craig made opportunities for an new generation of UK philanthropists.
A whole new awareness of the philanthropic agenda was created, and new partnerships were formed between communities across continents.
Craig brings unbounded energy to his work, adding a dynamism to the important work of a charity, while showing emerging philanthropists how they can become a positive force for change in the world.
The potential remains to scale-up Craig’s initiatives through the right NGOs and philanthropists, mobilising new partnerships for greater impact.
Robin Cross BA(Hons) DipArch(Dist) ADPP (Dist)
Architect for International Development


I’m Craig Goldblatt...
and in the last 2 decades I’ve been a sought-after International Keynote Speaker, Impact Coach and Trainer.

And I know what it’s like to go knee-deep in the work, grind for donations and make a real difference.

I’ve developed unique, effective tools— actionable strategies that help your organization connect with its purpose, secure high net-worth donors and attract team members who are a passionate, focused, perfect fit for your mission.

With this framework, I promise you’ll have the steps to not only attract wealthy donors, but also create an organization full of people who consistently operate at their best.

Like a living heart that beats your mission forward, your organization will begin to make the (seamingly) impossible possible.

You’ll get BIGGER, FASTER results for DEEPER, more meaningful change.

And tap into the power of magnified impact.
In the last 20 years, I’ve worked with some of the biggest players on the planet.

I earned my stripes as a sales manager at TNT International, a massive logistics firm based in London where I was an expert closer.

I’ve had the privilege to help incredible organizations like Microsoft, WWF U.K., WWF Africa, Warwick Africa (Warwick University), The Learning Trust, Article 25, The Diana Award, The Ella Foundation and more magnify their impact.

But I’m no run-of-the-mill trainer, coach or inspirational speaker.

I’m also the founder of Giving Africa, a charity based in Burkina Faso, helping 800 children build brighter futures with high-quality education and resources.

I’ve traveled the globe, immersing myself in some of the most diverse cultures on the planet, enhancing my awareness of purpose, intention, motivation and human identity.

And with this experience, I know exactly where you are right now and how to help you reach your goals.
I know how difficult it is to constantly chase donors for dollars.  I know how frustrating it is to try and make a difference while people shut their wallets, refusing to face our world's most pressing issues.

But I also know how to use that rejection as a launchpad to successfully connect with affluent donors who believe in your work—

And how incredible it feels with that huge cheque in hand, knowing your GREATEST goals are within reach.
Which is exactly what I want for you and your organization.
You’re already skilled at fundraising, but here’s the difference between what you’re doing now and what you could be achieving:
If you focus on going bigger and deeper with ideal high net-worth donors who are perfectly aligned with your purpose, you’ll not only hit your current development goals more quickly….

You’ll be able to build more (and higher skilled) teams, implement better systems, and adopt newer, more powerful technology.

You can MAGNIFY your mission success and create more IMPACT than you ever thought possible.

If you do it the other way around, you waste time, energy and impact chasing thousands of smaller donations.

You end up relying on smaller core teams who are stretched to the bone wearing multiple hats...

Your systems don’t evolve... 

And you’re forced to use open-source software that doesn’t support your mission’s growing needs— making real change difficult.

Shoot high, and you’ll leverage what you’re already doing to rapidly grow with wealthy, generous donors (without sacrificing impact).
You'll Have A Simple Framework That Shows Your Organization How To:
  •  Unlock YOUR staff's one-of-a-kind tools, gifts & identity to ignite their passion & become their best in ALL areas
  • Access the 6-levers that unlock personal & professional purpose so your team has the fuel to keep going when the work gets tough
  • Tap into the 3 Keys of Intent so everyone skyrockets their drive and makes mission success a ‘MUST’
  • ​Boost your team members' values & beliefs so they’re ready & confident to connect and land high net-worth donors
  • ​Use 3-ways to hone your people's skills & capabilities, creating MASSIVE impact for your mission and the world
To Attract IDEAL Donors
Magnify Your Impact: A 6-Part Video Series 

In this video series, I’ve put the strategies I use to help the biggest mission-driven organizations in the world magnify their impact with IDEAL high net-worth donors.
Each 10-15-minute video is chock-full of effective tools to deeply connect with your purpose, fuel your passion, secure BIGGER donors and achieve mission success.

I promise, if you dive into each video and put each one into practice, you’ll transform your organization into a living heart that lives and breathes its mission.
Each individual will become their best, reach their full potential and work as one to achieve your goals with deeper, MAGNIFIED IMPACT.

VIDEO 1: Introduction
Discover how to leverage the work you’re already doing and make a bigger, deeper difference with your mission.

VIDEO 2: Intent
Uncover the 3 Keys of Intent so you’re fueled with drive and energy (even when the going gets tough) and turn mission success from a ‘maybe’ into a ‘MUST’ 

VIDEO 3: Purpose
Unleash the 6-Levers of Purpose so you know exactly why you’re here and how to make your mark with amplified impact

VIDEO 4: Identity
Tap into your unique gifts, tools and identity so you become your best self in ALL areas of life

VIDEO 5: Communication Skills & Capabilities
Leverage your existing skills & capabilities so you squeeze more success, passion and performance out of every interaction with potential high net-worth donors

VIDEO 6: Values & Beliefs
Understand your values and beliefs and how they’re propelling (or repelling) your current level of impact

Build The Foundation To Connect
With IDEAL Donors.
These are the exact resources I use to help mission-driven organizations make a BIGGER difference.  And, you get these free with this 5-step framework.
BONUS 1: The 15-Point Worksheet To Magnified Impact
This extremely effective worksheet gives you 15 must-implement areas to focus on so your organization works like a well-oiled IMPACT machine (without losing its passion, heart or purpose.) 
BONUS 2: The Personal Mastery
This super helpful cheat sheet will help get those creative juices flowing and start you thinking about what your $100K structure could look like.
I’m the founder of a mission-driven business like you, so. I understand that you might feel nervous about investing in a new digital product. Your mission is your primary focus and you don’t want to waste time or money on something unproductive.
I’m extremely proud of the products I create. I know they are transformational and any individual or organization that implements the strategies will find them of huge value.
That’s why I’m offering a 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll connect and land high net-worth donors, I can guarantee the high quality of my offering and the leverage it’ll provide for added impact.
Of course, if for any reason you’re not happy with this framework, I will offer you a full refund of your investment within the first 30 days of your purchase.
You’re a developed, mission-driven organization
who’s successfully achieving your strategic objectives, but
want to create BIGGER, DEEPER impact than ever before
 with perfectly aligned high net-worth donors.
You want to grow a passionate A-Team
 who become their very best and 
strive for their very best in EVERY area
You’re open to doing inner-work so your 
skills, capabilities and confidence skyrocket and
 you connect with perfectly aligned high net-worth donors
You’re not open to trying 
something different to get BIGGER results
You (or your organization) prefers to
 dream about high net-worth donors than
do the inner work to connect & land them
Your organization is full of people who
 don’t truly believe in your mission’s true purpose
You’re not willing to 
invest funds, time and energy 
into achieving MAGNIFIED future Impact
What if my organization doesn’t believe we can attract IDEAL high net-worth donors?
If you’re already fundraising, the chances are that with the right system and strategy, you CAN attract and secure wealthy donors. But, if you worry that your team members don’t believe they can do it, this framework will help you smash the obstacles standing in their way. 

Plus, with custom workshops, coaching and keynote speeches, I can create a tailored blueprint so everyone in your organization becomes their best, unlocks their potential, believes in their skills and comes together— creating deeper impact than ever before.
How do I make sure my organization actually puts this into place?
This 5-step Framework will help every person in your organization fuel their purpose and become their best so they’re ready to attract high net-worth donors. But, it can be a gamechanger to have someone who understands your challenges personally help you achieve bigger results. 

Whether you’d benefit most from an on-site workshop or a motivational event, I can help your organization find clarity, ignite passion and push forward when the work gets tough so you reach new heights of impact.
Get started with the right option for your organization here
When do I get access to the files and membership area?
You’ll receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with all of the files and videos.
What if we love our smaller-tier donors?
Perfect! It takes a community to change the world and you shouldn’t let go of ANY donor to pursue bigger and better opportunities. With this framework, you’ll get to have a broader reach than ever before, and go deeper with a select few high net-worth donors who love what you’re doing too.
What if we decide this isn't for us?
I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. 
What if we need help from an expert?
Brilliant! I work directly with charity enterprises, NGOs and nonprofit organizations. My on-site workshops and speaking engagements will give your organization the custom strategy it needs for BIGGER and DEEPER impact than ever before.  

You only need to reach out to our friendly team at support@craiggoldblatt.com. and we'll be there to help!

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